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aerial view over Hurontario St Collingwood, in the early autumn season

Selection of Local Stock Photography - Always Growing!

Are you looking for local photography to feature with a story, article, ad piece, or something else? I have provided a collection of photos for some of our most well known localities. 

You can find an updated collection of works, with some easy to use segmentation to aid your search, here; 

Artworks are available in a variety of formats including on paper, in frames, mounted to wood blocks, on canvas, and more.  Reach out for details. 

sunset view of the terminals, silhouetted by a colorful sky

My work has been published in local magazines, and worldwide tourism publications for destinations around Collingwood area, and the rest of Canada. 

Thank You! 

Thank you for reading our recent blog post about the area we love! We love Collingwood and The Blue Mountains with all of the opportunity at our fingertips.  Share this post with a friend if you think they'll enjoy it! Check back soon for our next post about Collingwood, Blue Mountains and area!

If you're looking for more local stock photography or video footage clips from Collingwood, Thornbury, The Blue Mountains, or Georgian Bay area in general, please visit www.CollingwoodPhotography.ca to see some of what we offer available for print and licensing!

This website in association with Chris Gardiner Photography & Design www.cgardiner.ca, a Collingwood Ontario Local Photo Video and Design Professional.


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