Blumination Dream Trail

The Blumination Dream Trail at Blue Mountain

A view of the lights around Mill Pond during the inaugural year of The Blumination Dream Trail at Blue Mountain.
 This year, the village at Blue Mountain Resort debuted their "Blumination Dream Trail" which is a one kilometre long walking loop of colorful and animated light displays through the village and around the Mill Pond.

With the winter nights as long as they are here, it was a brilliant idea to have a family friendly activity that can be done in the evening, for free, outside.  Especially around the holidays when we'd often have family visit, this was a great option for an outing with kids.

From a photographer's standpoint, light is what interests me, and to have a landscape lit up at night in the winter was a pretty cool prospect for me.

Enjoy a short video of the Blumination Dream Trail of Lights at Blue Mountain Village

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