The Collingwood Night Market

My summer is often so busy with work that I miss out on enjoying a lot of what I love about where I live, Collingwood, Ontario. That wasn't the case this weekend, we made it, with our toddler and infant in tow, out for an evening visit to the Collingwood Market in time to grab a few beautiful sunset views.

The vendor stalls were lit up, making for a pleasant and entertaining location for a stroll even if you're not interested in buying anything.  There was a different selection of wares for sale from what you'd regularly see at the daytime market which was a pleasant surprise.

Did you get a chance to visit the night market? If you didn't, enjoy a few more of these photos to give you an idea of what you've missed. 

This is going to become a local photography blog so for all the fellow photographers, professional or budding amateurs, here is some information about the pictures included here.

  • Photographed with: Canon EOS 6D Camera with a 28 mm f/2.8 lens, no tripods, just handheld for some fun snaps while out with the family. 
  • Captured in RAW format with processing in Adobe Lightroom 5. 


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