Sunset Point - Windy Summer Night

a monochromatic photo of waves at the shore of Georgian Bay hitting large rocks.
a dramatic looking wave crashing over the rocks on a windy evening, show in black and white.
The winds have been a bit stronger than usual. I pay attention to that stuff because I have to in order to fly my drone for a lot of the work I do.
There is no better subject than water against a shoreline to photograph wind in action. Here are some views from a visit to Sunset Point in Collingwood earlier this week.

While you can visit Sunset Point for the beach, the iconic Collingwood photos with the inukshuk, the ice cream, picnics, playgrounds, and more, we came out this time just to enjoy the views and stretch the legs. A little ice cream never hurt either.

view of waves frozen with a high shutter speed, and backlit by a setting sun
waves crashing against the rocks as the sun gets lower in the sky.

water droplets from the windy sunset on georgian bay thrown into the air near and far making some blurry and some sharp
droplets fill the air, the best place to photograph waves from was behind the cover of a tree.

a happy young toddler enjoys his ice cream at the clipper ice cream stand in Sunset Point Park
no visit to Sunset Point is complete without a stop for Ice Cream, especially if our toddler has anything to say about it.

Waves on the rocks while the sunset colours take hold.

One of the biggest waves I captured from my low vantage point to emphasize it's size.

even in the windy evening, and on a day people are already talking about fall - cool weather, there is still a collection of sunset viewers at the Inukshuk. An iconic spot.

speaking of Iconic Collingwood views, here are the terminals with a sunset.

Here is a wave crashing to the shore with the terminals and setting sun behind. That's Blue Mountain in the background too.

this should give you some idea about the waves.

Lets finish it off with tiring this guy out for his lucky-to-be-later-than-usual bedtime.

Thanks for viewing!

The photos here were captured with a Canon EOS 6D and 50mm f/1.8 lens, aka the Nifty Fifty. The first non-kit lens I bought for my XTi back in 2007. 12 years later and it's still finding time on my newest of camera bodies.

Photos in this post by Chris Gardiner and


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