Downtown Collingwood Snowfall

looking down the sidewalks in front of City Hall, Downtown Collingwood December 2019
The winter season has started with it's ups and downs.  Naturally, that can make getting nice seasonal photos a bit of a challenge too.  I did manage to time a visit downtown under a little bit of snowfall for some nice looking seasonal views which is something of a missing segment in my local portfolio.

walking toward downtown under snowfall within the 'tree streets'

When I really want to capture some views, I opt for a walk downtown instead of a 'drive-and-park'. I get myself warmed up with whatever camera/lens combination I've decided on for the outing before I get to my location and often will get some nice photos along the way too. That's why every time I walk to Downtown Collingwood, I take a different route.

Out of focus view on town hall with snow fluttering about the foreground
My favorite thing about photographing under snowfall, is that your scene, now has a lot of depth that no longer has to come from the depth of field on your lens and it can make for a more interesting 'fall off' in the distance.  Not unlike other weather phenomena, such as low fog - amazing for photography too.  In the photo above, we only see the Town Hall tower, and without the snow sharp in the foreground, we wouldn't know anything about the season of this image, but I think it is going to be the type of abstract shot that is useful in the future for designs with text and other graphic laid over it.

Steph Logan and Elliot Gardiner, Downtown Collingwood

The crowds tend to flock towards Blue Mountain Village in the winter which leaves a lot of space on the Downtown sidewalks for leisurely strolls and space to stop for a photo or to capture a video clip or in my case, a portrait of my supportive family who enjoys the photo walks as much as I do..


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